2 Bedroom Beachfront Condominium – For Sale & Rent – Hua Hin Center

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Property ID : SRCHHBSS2B

Rentals, Sales 8.000.000THB - condominium
102 sqm 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1 Garage
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Real estate Hua Hin Thailand

2 Bedroom Beachfront Condominium in Hua Hin Center


Baan San Saran Hua Hin, Beachfront condominium within walking distance to the sea. The central location near the water park Wanaka Navan Shopping Centre, Bull port Hin Market Village Hua Hin City Market Qaeda Cicada Market or drive 15 minutes to the beach here.

Baan San Saran Hua Hin, a private beach with maintaining cleanliness. No garbage or dead coral Which is perfect for for leisure. Because this area The location of the resort And  5-star accommodation in a very personal atmosphere. Not chaotic quiet And not far from Hua Hin, it is appropriate to private vacation.

The Baan San Saran Hua Hin offers a private beach and outdoor pools, slider as well as kids pool, meeting rooms , Fitness Room and a sauna. This condo is the perfect place to relax for families with children offering a kids club. The guests can sit and rest in the quiet recreational area. 24 hours security.

Location on the 3 floor overlooking the pool with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large living room and terrace.  This condo has washing self-service,   a beautiful landscaped garden with a large pool and a car port.

 For rent may vary according to season and availability

Rates for High season 45,000 baht

Rates for Low Season 38,000 baht


Call us now to organize a viewing on +66(0)96.006.5733 or email us at philippe@huahin-home-property.com 

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