History of Real Estate Development and Condos in Hua Hin

Hua Hin, which means “stone head” in Thai, one of the oldest beach resorts in Thailand, is now filled with condos, restaurants, hotels, and retails shops. Beautiful buildings now line the entire coast of this small city. However, this is not how Hua Hin used to be years ago. Throughout its history, Hua Hin has been known by different names such as Ban Samoe Rieng, Ban Laem Hin, and Samo Riang, until it got its present name in 1911. Once a mere fishing village, Hua Hin’s mighty transformation as a luxurious seaside resort dates back to 1903 when a railroad connecting Hua Hin to Bangkok was built as a part of the Southern Railroad.

Over the last few decades, the place has seen a dramatic shift. There has been an enormous boost in real estate development. The number of commercial and residential buildings increased exponentially of the last centuries.

Here is a brief history of Hua Hin over the last few decades:

The 1930s

At the time of WWII, Hua Hin was a haven for refugees from Bangkok. The news of Hua Hin spread like wildfire as more and more people sought refuge in this peaceful land. At that period, Hua Hin was known as SamoreRiang, but it was renamed shortly after. Around the same time, Siam was renamed to Thailand.

The 1940s

Construction began after the war. Roads and bridges connected Hua Hin to Bangkok. Previously, the only way Hua Hin was connected to Bangkok was by the railways. During this period, new condos started to emerge. Areas near Cha Am provided opportunities for real estate development. In 1979, the Thailand Condominium Act allowed foreigners to own 49% of a condo in Thailand. This created an influx of foreign real estate investors in Hua Hin.

The 1980s

The Sofitel Group bought the classic Railway hotel and renovated it. It was then opened in 1986. The luxury hotel was an instant hit, and like-minded property developers started building similar hotels, condos, and villas in Hua Hin.

The 1990s

Thailand is now known as the backpacker’s paradise. As more people from Bangkok began to visit Hua Hin, real estate development received a boost. The mainland was just a few hours via the railways, and hence, it became a popular vacation spot. That resulted in more condos propping up along the coast.

The 2000s

From 2005 onwards, bars were closed at midnight. Karaoke bars stayed open. From being a paradise for backpackers, it became a place for the expat community. People from all around the world, especially older foreigners, started buying condos in Hua Hin and settling down in the area.

The Present Day

Hua Hin is a popular destination for relocation today. It is just a couple of hours away from Bangkok by train or car. The streets are calm, the restaurants serve quality food and there are ample housing options for the upper-class locals and the international community. Presently, there is much demand for condos in Hua Hin, and it is continually attracting property developers.

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