By deciding to look for a condo in one of Thailand’s most exquisite places, you have made a choice that you will definitely not regret. Hua Hin offers convenience and a royal ambiance, minus the royal expenses. It’s a fantastic place to live that you will surely love for years to come. Now that you have made the decision to purchase a condo, the question that dawns upon you should be: what should I be looking for in a condo? Just before you put your signature down on that dotted line, go through this checklist so that you can find out if the condo you will be buying is indeed worth the baht.


The condo must have a view of Hua Hin’s picturesque landscape.

This is the number one thing that a condo you are looking for in Hua Hin should have. The towering karsts and verdant trees of Hua Hin combine with its shimmering blue waters and white sand, forming a tropical mural that you wouldn’t want to miss out on from the concrete confines of your condo. The relaxing feeling that Hua Hin’s greenery conveys makes it a sight for sore eyes while the faraway ripples and backwash can provide a sense of uplift and exhilaration.


The condo must have a lovely pool.

Although basking in Hua Hin’s seaside sun can be fun, the sand that sticks on your clothes can be a hassle to bring back with you into the house. A condo where you can still soak up the sun without the sand is one that has a swimming pool in it. Why go out any further out for a morning dip if your condo already has a swimming pool? A nice pool is also a lovely place to enjoy a couple of drinks with friends on the weekends.

The condo must have a place to host your visitors.

Even if you’re purchasing a condo unit to live in alone, it should at least have some extra room to accommodate any visitors. Since you will now own a property in Thailand, friends and relatives will most likely want to come and pay you a visit. You will also have to meet people in Thailand for work. The condo you should purchase must have some space or room for you to entertain your guests. You may ask your real estate agent for suggestions concerning the matter so that they can find a condo that will accommodate your guests and your budget.

The condo must have the right location for your needs.

Whether it’s the bustle of the city or the lull of the waves that you prefer, Hua Hin has both. You may want to pick a condo close to where the action is, such as those that are just several walks away from the market and bistro.  Or, if you don’t mind the distance for the sake of peace, you may want a condo close to Hua Hin’s more subdued suburbs.

The condo must have excellent Wi-Fi.

Hua Hin is a great place to divorce yourself from the banalities of the internet. But if you can’t live a single day without browsing your inbox or newsfeed, make sure that the condo comes with Wi-Fi access or any other form of connectivity to the internet which you think is necessary.

The condo must have facilities for your laundry.

There are places in Hua Hin where you can have your clothes washed, but if you prefer doing your laundry on your own, check out if your condo has a place where you can hang your clothes to dry and an area to wash them. You can ask your real estate agent to help look for condos that provide these amenities.

If you’re looking for a property that has a consistent track record of increasing in value over time, then Hua Hin is a great choice! Get in touch today to buy property in Hua Hin through Hua Hin Home Property.

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